Life is about challenge and disturbance, about pushing our edges, rocking the preverbal boat but you can’t rock the boat unless you have an anchor or you will end up lost at sea. Depending on friendships as our anchors gives us the support we need to take great risks in our lives. –Angela Kearns

I ultimately broke one day I had (to coin my own quote) to many anchors pulling at me and something had to break.. no way around it, I had to cut one or be pulled under so I cut the one with the least impact on my friends, the one that was just impacted me… maybe too much “mi vida loca”.

When I stepped back into that warehouse last night, felt the cold dirty air, heard the sounds of girls laughing and watching them dawn the gear to skate and just be free.

I know now, yeah, I know… I took too much time a time away from myself. That was not my intention mind you, but it seems that I made myself too busy with family and other obligations to make it near impossible to focus on much else. What I learned tonight from roller derby was about the wonderful thumbscrew and rack I did on myself , my self-sabotage that ended up costing me more than I can let you dear readers know.

I don’t do the poor me posts very well… and this has started off pretty emo – so fuck that and I want to say in truth:

I love the girls who play Roller Derby. I’m still very much a newbie, but I’ve never come across a group of such inspirational, awesome and above all friendly girls in my entire life! They’re such a supporting bunch of people an every training session has such a fantastic, positive vibe (as do the sessions in the hot tub afterwards!).

Viva la Roller Revolution!