The weather couldn’t have been better for yesterday’s Pride Parade. It was wicked awesome fun skating with the Red Rocketts we all had so much fun. The crowd of people watching got to see us skating around in circles, playfully checking each other, screaming, and periodically laying 3 girls down and skate jumping over them, girls were packing up and sprinting down the street as fast as we could in our outdoor wheels. I enjoyed slapping the hands of young fans and people watching. Over recent years there has become a change for community groups to express themselves, be creative and be involved with something wonderful. How could we not get involved in supporting our community and our rights to be who we want to be? Not to mention I think that parades seem to have been designed with skaters in mind.

Next time I will make sure we have a car at the end of the parade route to pick us up, because we had to walk all the way back (grin)