I’m the first to admit lately I’m not friendly, like a kicked dog it takes me a moment to warm up but I wanted to try to shake off this cold shoulder I have for people and meet new friends, get fit, and have fun, Honestly I wanted to skate. I think almost any girl who was a teenager in the 80’s wants to do nothing but be a skating super star minus the neon legwarmers, colored bangles and banana clips also it’s not much fun skating alone! So with the continuing presser of Indy I showed up to the Freshmeat Class all geared out and I was terrified – I even sat in the car outside the derby depo trying to talking myself out of it. Then another girl pulled in the parking stall next to me and I felt silly so I walked in, behind her... like a stalker hiding, but as I walked in Indy and the entire atmosphere of girls just embraced me. I think I'm going to have great fun in a Girl Smashing Derby kinda way! ;)