The more I break into my skates the more I love Derby. My first night of skating in my brand new skates was the toughest, amidst 20 or so girls it felt like I was all alone because of the discomfort of new skates. The hard leather backs dug into my ankles and every lap it just got worse, my arches started this fire burn and then my toes went numb. Every lap it felt like skating on fire-numbing-ankle pinching-glass shards. Why is this fun?

Again this is a blog about me I swear (cross my heart) even though the last two posts are mostly about Indy this one will be about me, I promise!

So Indy in her cute way grabbed my new skates and much to my horror took out this tool and started tinkering with the nob on the bottom of the thing that the wheels attach too. Later I found out what she was doing was checking my trucks and tinkered with them because they were tightened all the way down for zero motion. Rule #1 Check Trunks.

Rule #2 Laces and Toe Box. My toes are going numb and not a happy I can’t feel them type of numb, it’s the tingly needle pricking numb that makes your eyes water if you think about it for too long numb also my the arches of my feet burn. So last night I started experiment with different shoe lacing strategies to prevent the arch burn so we will see how this goes. And for my toes I have to look at the toe box because there should be room for toes at the front of the shoe and also from side to side this might be why my toes are numb. Experiment with laces check toe box.

I was under the great impression contact sport meant contact with other girls. I was sadly mistaken when my first “contact” was with the cold hard floor. Yes I took my first epic fall last night and hard. I was practicing turn cross overs in derby stance when I crossed my right skate into the wheel of the left skates in motion causing a complete stopping type of action. How do I know this is what exactly happened? Because I was looking at the floor when I should have been looking forward but I was in derby stance so I did not do the chicken arm flaying thing and could tuck and landed on my side, my shoulder hurts but it could have been worse. Rule #3 Look up.