I had a couple of people ask me why Derby?
I wanted to join Derby the moment we met Indy at my first Bout, watching girls lambaste each other in cute skirts and skates? Hell’s-yeah! Where do I sign up?... but occasionally I do trip over the respect I have for people, in this case because this was Indy’s thing I did not want to intrude and take “Thunder” away from her. (Hay, it’s called respect) Although I did show up at Jakes Halloween party dressed as a derby girl and was a little abashed when Indy also showed up wearing her actual derby outfit.

I reservedly talked to Indy about joining the league in January, but sadly this did not happen because I severely and randomly injured my back so I missed the opening…
Then became intimidated as only I can do to myself.

But as destiny would have it April 7th The Recreational Roller Derby League started their new 12-week Session. So I bought all my gear from Allie at the Hollywood Connection Pro Shop and with Indy’s sanction and the fact she smacked me around my head for ever thinking she was the Derby-Possessive-Thunder-Holding type of girl I joined!
(Insert Loud Triumphs of Music Here)…
then almost drowned in my own adrenaline rush, I have the feeling Indy will pull me out of one or more scrapes in this go round world of Derby.

Also I made up a line to a song to the tune of "Barbie Girl" by AQUA
I'm a Roller girl, in a Derby world
Wheels of plastic, it's fantastic!